Commercial Refrigeration

The residents of Winona can always count on Todd’s Refrigeration for all of your residential or commercial heating and air conditioning services and needs. We are always here for you and you can take a calming breath of assurance knowing that we are working for you but we are working with you. We want the best outcome just as you do; we know this is something that we will provide for you at all times, especially during a time when you need something installed, repaired or maintained.

We hold ourselves and the work that we provide to you to high standards. We recognize that you deserve the best service, and that is exactly what Todd’s Refrigeration provides for you. Whether it is for you home or your business, we care about making sure all of the services you need are provided immediately and always sufficiently.

24 Hour Service

If you have any needs we have an able and ready team of professional experts on hand that are eager to get to work for you.

No matter what time it is… whether it is for a residence or a business you can always count on Todd’s Refrigeration to get the job done.